Iowa Farm Management:
Value-Based Land Stewardship

Growing up on family farms, our parents and grandparents constantly taught us the value of “leaving things better than we found them.” This simple philosophy is one that guides our approach to Iowa farm management. At Iowa Land Sales & Farm Management, our property managers treat every farm we manage like it was our own. We take pride in our Iowa roots. Our rural heritage has instilled in us many of the same principles and values that our clients respect and demand in the representation of their land.
We combine these values with education and real-world experience to provide our clients exceptional service. We offer professional farm business management services for clients throughout Iowa and surrounding states. We concentrate on tailoring our services to our clients’ needs through close communication and economic analysis of our clients’ farming operations. Whether you have lived on the farm all your life, inherited a farm, or purchased a farm as an investment, Iowa Land Sales & Farm Management can help you make the most out of your farming operation.

Our Services

  • Whole Farm Planning
  • Family Farm Mediation
  • Tenant Relationships
  • Narrative Farm Reports & Inspections
  • Soil Conservation
  • Crop Scouting
  • Crop Insurance
  • Government Farm Program
  • Participation
  • Appraisals
  • Consulting
  • Contract and Lease Negotiations
  • Commodity Marketing
  • Detailed Accounting Reports
  • Detailed and Extended Record Keeping